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FullCover14_240x358A compelling case for the abolition of parliamentary inviolability!

How is it that THREE QUARTERS OF PARLIAMENTARIANS in the world enjoy parliamentary inviolability, which protects a politician against civil, administrative, or criminal proceedings beyond the walls of parliament.  This is contrasted against parliamentary immunity (privilege) which protects the politician only while within those walls.


Critical analysis presented by the authors clearly demonstrates that parliamentary inviolability defies the rule of law, equality before the law, the separation of constitutional powers, prosecutorial discretion, and encourages disrespect for and clashes between the three branches of government.


Fascinating newspaper reports from the international press serve to testify to claims of havoc created as a result of parliamentary inviolability.  The fundamental dignity and worth of the human person is spotlighted in the final chapter toward establishing the case that nobody ought to be above the law --- not even our lawmakers.




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